IT recycling

IT Recycling

Data destruction

Data destruction

Asset management

Asset management

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Hard drive wiping using government and CESG approved data wiping software Kroll Ontrack 3.0, both higher and lower level (IS5).

Anything that cannot be data wiped will be shredded and smelted down. Both the shredding and wiping processes provide you with certification of data destruction in all cases, giving you both a guarantee and peace of mind.

Environmentally responsible computer collection and recycling, with 0% to landfill, helping you meet both the WEEE directive and your corporate social responsibility.

This computer collection service is free in the majority of cases, dependent on the age, specifications and volume of IT and Telecom equipment you are looking to recycle.

We can provide professional recycling for anything from desktop computers, CRT's, TFT's, servers, printers, and all peripherals.

Auditing, refurbishment and resale services, provided on or off site, allowing you to have full knowledge of your assets and their worth.

You can also recoup value from them through direct employee sales, or redistribution to your workforce.

 Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how businesses align their values and behaviour with the expectations and needs of stakeholders – not just customers and investors, but also employees, suppliers, communities, regulators, special interest groups and society as a whole. CSR describes a company’s commitment to be accountable to its stakeholders. CSR demands that businesses manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of their operations to maximise the benefits and minimise the downsides.

Our customers benefit from a first class safe, secure and efficient IT recycling service and uniquely derive significant corporate social responsibility (CSR) benefits because of our programmes in:

Training and employment

As a Social Enterprise we provide training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged people.

Paid Work Experience Scheme for Young People in Essex – We are currently working with Essex County Council to provide work experience for young people in Essex between the ages
of 16 and 20. Visit twitter ( for more information.

Digital divide

The equipment that we recycle for you is refurbished and provided at low or no cost to disadvantaged people to help to reduce the digital divide

Zero landfill

By working in partnership with RDC Europe’s leading asset management company Рthe first UK IT asset management company to deliver computer recycling with no residual to landfill.

Data security

All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that any confidential data they hold is not released in an unauthorised or accidental way. Careless disposal of computer equipment can lead to information falling into the wrong hands, with the ensuing adverse media coverage and heavy fines for the organisation responsible for holding the data.

Public recognition

MillRace IT is an award-winning social enterprise providing numerous opportunities for our partners and customers to obtain public recognition through their association with us.