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Data destruction

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Hard drive wiping using government and CESG approved data wiping software Kroll Ontrack 3.0, both higher and lower level (IS5).

Anything that cannot be data wiped will be shredded and smelted down. Both the shredding and wiping processes provide you with certification of data destruction in all cases, giving you both a guarantee and peace of mind.

Environmentally responsible computer collection and recycling, with 0% to landfill, helping you meet both the WEEE directive and your corporate social responsibility.

This computer collection service is free in the majority of cases, dependent on the age, specifications and volume of IT and Telecom equipment you are looking to recycle.

We can provide professional recycling for anything from desktop computers, CRT's, TFT's, servers, printers, and all peripherals.

Auditing, refurbishment and resale services, provided on or off site, allowing you to have full knowledge of your assets and their worth.

You can also recoup value from them through direct employee sales, or redistribution to your workforce.

 Computer recycling


Computer recycling & IT equipment disposal with 0% to Landfill

Computer equipment should only be disposed of when it is obsolete, damaged beyond repair and cannot be reused or refurbished.

Computer equipment that is illegally thrown in a skip usually ends up as landfill, causing pollution to our air, rivers and land.

Sending computers to third-world countries for reuse can result in shipments being diverted to unlicensed, unequipped processing facilities which cause massive pollution and severe health issues for their workers.

Donating IT equipment overseas although laudable does present some challenges: ensuring the equipment actually arrives at its intended destination and ensuring that when it finally becomes obsolete or ceases to function that it is recycled appropriately.

The UK and European Union regulations covering the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is very detailed and onerous with hefty sanctions for those who break them – inadvertently or not.

In order to meet these legal requirements MillRace IT partners with RDC, Europe’s leading IT asset management company both in terms of capacity and volume of equipment processed.

By working with and using RDC’s disposal processes this ensures MillRace IT’s customers obtain full compliance.